The way of devotion is a journey along the meridians of the soul.

When we listen to our soul stories, we find ourselves on journeys of the spirit where Nature supports a new way of being. We bring decades of experience as guides, mentors and practitioners of radical faith and revolutionary love. It is our honor to share this path of deep devotion with any and all who wish to join. 

Jen Lemen
Soul Cartographer & Ritual Designer

Jen creates the maps for your journey, whether you are just starting out or  seasoned in exploring the spiritual life. She makes sure plans are grounded, practical and connected to your personal longing. Her ability to hold the through-line allows you to melt into the experience, whether you are craving a spiritual pilgrimage or learning how to work through a big transition with ritual and ceremony

Melissa Rivera
Embodiment Guide & Researcher

Melissa listens deeply to the stories of the body, experience and desire to craft a way back home to your most powerful knowing. Through movement, emotional wisdom and archetypal storytelling, Melissa weaves the ancient with your immediate concern to release, rejuvenate and recover abiding joy and hope. She makes sure the work we do together is true for you & grounded in WE scholarship

shelly and ella final.jpg

Shelly Modes
Love Warrior & Family Advocate

Shelly mirrors the most true story of your now and points you to the spiritual practices & postures that support you as a clean, sane and fully alive human. Through deep advocacy, devotional love and heartfelt presence, Shelly helps uncover healing paths for families who wish to break the cycle of addiction for the sake of a hopeful new beginning for generations to come. Her own experience is an example of fierce love.

We are so grateful for our teachers and guides who provide a philosophical and ecological framework for this work. 

Our Sacred Lineage

Arundhati Roy
Writer & Activist

Ben Okri

Carol Gilligan

Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Cantadora & Jungian Analyst

Gabrielle Roth
Dancer & Musician

Gloria Anzaldua
Activist Scholar 

Innocent Bajeneza
Spiritual Teacher

Jamie Sams
Animal Wisdom Guide

Layne Redmond
Priestess & Frame Drummer

Mary Oliver
Poet & Naturalist

Meryl & Mark Thomas
Meditation & I Ching Practioners

Paulo Coelho

The School of Lost Borders
Rites of Passage Facilitators

Thich Nhat Hanh
Teacher & Peace Activist