A Ritual of Release and Blessing

The moon was her mother, her sister, her friend, and in her circle light she found healing and new growth. 

This week, Jen will be traveling to Isla Mujeres, on the coast of Mexico, to support Shelly while she leads a women's spiritual retreat at Casa Om. While there, Jen will visit the temple of Ixchel, the Mayan moon goddess of healing and fertility, listening to messages from the sea, creating land art and collecting the stories of soul and spirit as expressed in the DreamTime, that place outside space and time where the Soul of the World is expressed. 

It would be Jen's privilege and honor to weave your heart's longings into her sacred temple rituals as well as share the insights gained during this special time, along with images and stories, with any and all who wish to listen. 

If you feel called to participate in this ritual of release and blessing, please share your story, the burdens you wish to release and dreams you wish to birth, and submit your offering below. 

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