Because sometimes you need a li'l sumpin' sumpin' to get through the day.

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Tired of all the bad news without a shred of hope? 

Does your brain go into overdrive at the thought of all the insanity happening in our world these days?

Sign up for SOUL SNACKSa little batch of magic cooked up fresh everyday and served to you via email mid-morning to remind you that some of the most nourishing things in life are actually here, on the top shelf of the cupboard, right where your mom kept all the really, really good stuff she didn't want you guys to eat all at once, it was so magnificently delicious. 

Feel better. Way, way better.

Think one part BrainPickings for the soul, one part your favorite Spotify playlist, Jen creates and curates a fine lot of lovelies that will nurture your soul, pull at your heartstrings and in general make you feel #allthefeels to remind you, goddammit, we are still alive, living, breathing on this magnificent planet. And a new world? It's a comin'. Songs, talks, secrets, otters, prayers, links. Handmade drawings. Recorded audio stories. Nudes! (Kidding! Just checkin' to see if you're still paying attention over there....)

Anyway, it's gonna be great. We'll be real about all of it, the bitter and the sweet, and feel more human in the process. And get that peace and hope crankin'. It's gonna be great! Pinky swear.

What else! What else?

Wanna chat amongst yourselves? By signing up for SOUL SNACKS, you automatically get access to the Soul Snackin' community on MightyBell, but only if the thought fills you with love instead of dread...only, only! There you can add to the snacking extravaganza with your own inspiring links, poems, songs, quotes and general loveliness. Plus all the other Soul Snackers will be there! Yay!

 11 days of delectable goodness! Starting NOW.

And now for the money, honey. How about $22? That's a bargain. Two bucks a day? Cheaper than that pint of Ben & Jerry's you were eyeing for breakfast or that bag of Swedish fish you know the kids will eat before you get to it. Yeah. $22. It won't break the bank, and it'll keep the lights on around here for this magnificent project we've got cookin'. Ready to go, lovers? Click below and let's get this soul deliciousness going!