What the heart desires is medicine to itself. --Rebecca Walker

The Way of Devotion has been a personal and shared medicine for us over the years, allowing us to deepen into the soul of sangha and seva in ways that have brought us healing and joy. Our truest desire is to bring this spirit into all of our interactions and to embody love in all that we do. Please know it is our honor and delight to share this work with you. 

Let's Connect:

We are happy to get to know you via phone or Skype. These short conversations help us find our points of connection. We would love to hear from you!


reach out if you'd like to...

  • Reconnect to your body in gentle ways that unlock intuition and joy
  • Find out how discovering animal nature can bring discernment and wisdom
  • Explore unwanted patterns and find out how being in Nature can help
  • Get free from old family rules and values that no longer serve
  • Plan special ceremonies that coincide with the rhythms of the moon, eclipses, and seasons to support transformation in your relationships and work

Or...if you're just curious about this way of being in the world, and would like to learn more. 

We're listening.

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