The Way of Devotion

A gentle way calls from the tender rhythms of nature.

The turning of seasons.

The ebb and flow of tides.

The wax and wane of the moon.

The dusk and dawn of our earth’s sun.

The turn upon turn of a dancer enraptured by holy delight.

We order our souls by this rhythm and in doing so become a prayer embodied, a human expression of nature herself. A flesh and blood revelation of mystery, mayhem and a kind of magic that receives and creates a new world, where nature thrives and we can each in our own way, together, allow our sacred work to flourish.

The way of Devotion is a journey along the meridians of the soul where ancient wisdom emerges from your own breath, your own movement, your own careful attention to the cartography of the earth as well as the well-traveled lines of your own sacred heart.

This way is for those who long to leave behind the insistence from our culture that we try harder, work more and push the river in order to get what we want and go where we need to go.

This way is for those who long for a quiet life of love, prayer and simplicity--the kind that makes you a refuge in storms and a storm yourself when the ground is dry and the rains must come.

This way is for those who long for the company of spirit and the fellowship of trees, rocks, leaves and all other living creatures who carry within them the stories and the secrets to a true and prosperous life.

This way is for those who ache over the truth and can no longer bear the silence of their souls that suffer unspeakable knowledge of human brutality and every kind of damage that can be done where force threatens growth that is tender, new, fragile, real.

This way is for those whose mothers did not know how to pass their truths to their daughters and for those daughters who never knew the favor of their fathers. This way is for women who knew the blessing of their fathers but wish to remember their feminine essence.  

This way is for those who believed they were meant for a home that felt like heaven and a wildness worthy of hell.

This way is for those who would like a simple way to govern their days with guidance and direction available every moment for every situation the human soul can imagine. This way is for those who crave a communion, a togetherness that ripples out through the soul of the world.

These are not mere words. This is not an illusion created for hunger or benefit.

This is the path that has chosen us and that we dance with every ounce of joy in our hearts, because in doing so we have found a way home to our bodies, to our souls, to our emotion, to our sex, to our ancestors, to our spirits, to our partners, to our wisdom, to our children, to our destiny.

This is our humble worship. This is our simple way. This is our gentle path of devotion. All who wish to join are welcome here.