For the sake of your sacred heart and the soul of the world. 

             What happens when you surrender to your feral soul? What rises when you fall into Nature's embrace? With hearts full of gratitude, we offer you deep listening, stories, prayers, wisdom & hope, so that you may discover your own.

This is the way of devotion. 

Jen Lemen

Join Jen for life-changing stories, emancipating rituals & soulful journeys for the sake of your wild heart and the good of the world. Together we'll honor where you've been and where you must go to embody truth.


Melissa Rivera

Melissa invites you to untangle the stories and discover the rhythm that frees your mind & moves you toward ecstatic experience and radical love. Map the sensations of your body on the landscape of the world. 

Shelly Modes

Flow with Shelly through the seasons of nature with spiritual practices and create new patterns that bring joy. Unravel the cycle of addiction, hopelessness and despair with the kind of devotion that brings true connection