Let the Moon fill your heart with devotion and hope.

My whole life I have felt the moon watching over me...first, as a child going outside in pajamas at my mother's bidding to see Her full and luminous. Next, as a young mother, one baby under each arm, the littlest to the breast. I would extract myself quietly so I could stand by the kitchen windowsill and see her, the way She saw me. Then later still, as an older woman, newly single, full of wonder at the way the man kissed me on the blanket thrown down on soft green grass. 

Now, on the edge of my crone years, I want to bask in Her wonder and open a portal into a way of being where we can little by little fully trust our hearts. Where gently we can let ourselves melt into our desire, the kind that burns away anything but the most true devotion. The kind that lets us hear clearly what is ours and ours only to do, for the sake of our hearts, our beloveds and our hopeful world. The kind that grants us the patience to wait until that call is crystal clear. Will you join me?

Discover the wisdom waiting for you in the light of the Moon.

experience a full moon mini-retreat delivered straight to your inbox

This self-paced retreat offers an experience of reflection and personal transformation in the quiet of your home, alone or with a friend. Designed to help you hold on to what is uniquely yours and let the rest fall away, you will receive via email:

  • a recorded meditation to help you settle into a deeper way of listening by the light of the Moon
  • a written invitation to deeply nourish your longing for everything whole, beautiful, full and true
  • an audio story from days in the fields of Rwanda, where a crisis of vision under a full moon helped me find a new way of being with the unanswered questions of my heart
  • a simple ritual to help you let go of what is not yours so your hands can fill with what is
  • a closing song offered as a prayer and a blessing on whatever is rising in your heart, no matter how beautiful or unexpected. 

Devote to your tender, open heart

Join me, on this full moon day, or on any evening where She shines bright in the night sky, for this time of meditation, reflection, devotion and ritual. I believe that when we allow our hearts to speak, the Soul of the World rises to meet us, and that when we listen to our deepest desires, we find the courage to stand in our truth. $111 is the inaugural exchange for this offering. Sliding scale also happily available for any or all who feel called to be here and need adjustments. Email Jen at thewayofdevotion@gmail.com.