For the sake of your sacred heart and the soul of the world. 

             What happens when you surrender to your feral soul? What rises when you fall into Nature's embrace? With hearts full of gratitude, we offer you deep listening, stories, prayers, wisdom & hope, so that you may discover your own.

This is the way of devotion. 

Jen Lemen

Join Jen for life-changing stories, emancipating rituals & soulful journeys for the sake of your wild heart and the good of the world. Together we'll honor where you've been and where you must go to embody truth.


Melissa Rivera

Melissa invites you to untangle the stories and discover the rhythm that frees your mind & moves you toward ecstatic experience and radical love. Map the sensations of your body on the landscape of the world. 

Shelly Modes

Flow with Shelly through the seasons of nature with spiritual practices and create new patterns that bring joy. Unravel the cycle of addiction, hopelessness and despair with the kind of devotion that brings true connection

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness the astonishing light of your own being. --Hafiz


Spiritual pilgrimages allow us to go into the dark night of the soul and return with the treasures of insight and resilience that have been eluding us sometimes for decades. The purpose of these journeys is not retreat, but a direct engagement with whatever holds us back from moving into the world with beauty, fire, magic, conviction and courage.

Exquisite care, an element of challenge, soulful storytelling and gentle guidance create the ideal conditions for you to transcend your limitations and move confidently into your next chapter. We are honored to craft the just right experience in places filled with wonder. Destinations include New Mexico, the Pacific Northwest or wherever your soul is calling. 



Look deep into Nature, and you will understand everything. --Albert Einstein       


With quiet guidance and clear instruction, we create safe spaces for you to experience nature as a place to let go of persistent patterns that no longer serve. Whether we are creating ceremonies or gaining insight through animal wisdom, together our minds expand into a new way of listening that offers release, rhythm, feeling and communion. Discover how wordlessness in nature can be a reliable source of guidance and strength.

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Here in this body are the sacred rivers: here are the sun and the moon. I have not encountered a temple as blissful.  --Saraha


Too often our early experiences of prayer and pleasure alienate us from our true nature where the heart lifts toward hope and the body sinks into trust. Together we explore the stories of heart and body, untangling the beliefs that keep us separated from our most potent forms of power, desire and devotion. No matter your current feelings about the body, we're happy to help you consider the physiology of trust, movement, presence, prayer and yes, orgasm as it applies to living a life rich in sacred connection.



Wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. --Paulo Coelho  


With simple rituals and daily meditation, together we gently establish secure ground for healthy human connection. Through ritual and ceremony, we show you how to create experiences in Nature that can heal generations of hurt for the sake of fresh new beginnings. It's our deep honor to work with individuals, couples and families who wish to heal their lineage and nurture lifelong togetherness and love. 

Special support is also available for relatives dealing with addiction, substance abuse and generational patterns of disconnection.



We stress the 'search' part of research: a search for silenced knowledges and actions of reclaiming, recollection and re-creation. --The PAR Entremundos Collective


Trained in participatory action research, we are curious about new models emerging quietly at the edges of culture, education and economics. For our world to thrive in the face of ecological decline, we must uncover the systems and human dynamics that sustain life, foster unity and nurture transformation. In collaboration with activists, artists, scientists and scholars we create inquiries where experiential learning drives social change. If you are interested in contributing to or sponsoring our work in this arena, please reach out.

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